RESULTS – Car Raffle Fundraising Event 12-16-2017


The Palm Beach Sanatan Vaidic Society/Shri Lakshmi Mandir would like to thank everyone for their support in the Fundraising Event that was held on December 16, 2017.  Whether you distributed tickets, made donations for tickets, helped to coordinate the show, helped to prepare the clubhouse or assisted in the food preparation for this event – please know that your contribution was essential and very much appreciated to making this fundraising event a success.

To our singers and musicians, who traveled from near and far and was willing to voluntarily share their time and talent to entertain us, we cannot say “thank you” enough. May Bhagwan bless you all to continue to spread joy and happiness with your undeniable talent and may your gift in music grow and flourish, allowing you to reach heights that may seem unimaginable.

This Raffle Event was a dream several years ago and we were able to bring it to reality.  We all know that the reason for this raffle was a fundraising for the Mandir construction.  Little did we know how difficult this challenge would be and the effort that would be required for us to succeed.  This year long adventure was a daunting task and at times the question arose as to if it would be successful.  Whether you distributed 1 ticket or made a donation towards 1 ticket, your contribution was important and is appreciated, as it goes towards the overall success of this event.  Besides raising money for the Mandir, another reason for this Raffle was to try and do something where the community could come together and work for a common purpose. In the end, this was a very challenging endeavor and if not for the sacrifice of some people, who were personally recognized at the Show, then we would have failed. These individuals went above and beyond their capability to ensure that our goal was achieved.  They were able to build their courage and through their determination and persistence, they ensured a successful outcome and erased all doubts concerning the success of this raffle.

Prior to the drawing, the tickets were independently audited and the result was announced during the show.  Also, those who were present at the show were afforded the opportunity to see their tickets prior to being placed in the raffle drums.  A separate raffle was conducted earlier in the evening to select 3 individuals not associated with the organization.  These 3 random individuals were then given the honor to draw the winning tickets for this fundraising event.  A video of the actual drawing as well as some of the musical performances is available on our Facebook Page:


1st Place — 2017 Honda Accord, Mrs. Seidel. Ticket #00636

2nd Place — Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera: Mr. Somaru. Ticket #01796

3rd Place — Apple Ipad: Mr. Joe Tilak D Harry. Ticket #02469

Congratulations to all the winners and once again our sincerely gratitude to everyone who assisted our organization in this event. The goal of this raffle was to raise some funds to build a place of worship and although only 3 individuals could win the prizes – to us, everyone who contributed is a winner.  You are a winner because you assisted in a noble cause.  No matter your faith or belief, may you continue to enjoy success and always be blessed in abundance so that you can always remain charitable to worthy causes!!!

As we begin the New Year, we also wish you and your family peace and happiness for the upcoming year!!!

With Bhagwan’s Blessings,

Palm Beach Sanatan Vaidic Society

Shri Lakshmi Mandir